When does pool filter cleaning start?

When does pool filter cleaning start?

February 1st!

We at Pool Concepts are vigilant about pool filter cleaning season for two reasons: 1 – It signals the start of a new year, and 2- Its time! to go to work! and 3- Time to fix stuff!

Scheduling and following through on filter service for hundreds of clients can be a daunting task. However, it gets the ball rolling.  All of us in the swimming pool business use this as a kick-start to start the year.  This is when we address all the little filter leaks, clogged filters, low flow, bad gauges, and recirculating dirt that keeps going back to the pool…… This is when we solve problems!

Solving problems early is what we do best.  We pride ourselves on being proactive to swimming pool problems so we and our clients have a smooth spring to summer transition.

Take for instance a client we had today… It seems that our pool tech was loosing suction at the skimmer and explained to the client that they needed a filter clean.  We scheduled the pool filter cleaning and discovered all kinds of little problems; non of which was a really big deal but could have been if we waited until May or June like some pool companies. We took care of her and saved her hundreds of pool service dollars.  By jumping all over her pool filter, we and the client saved a lot of calls, call backs, pool problems and disappointment.

At PCU Pools we service residential filters once a year and commercial filters twice a year.  Some pool companies want to perform this service more to take advantage of the cash flow opportunities.  They say you need it done at a minimum two times a year for residential pools but we find that is NOT the case.  Once a year is enough unless it is a pool that is used daily by all the neighborhood kids!  If that’s the case,  we do it whenever its needed.

Bad pool filter grids (elements)- If you have holes in your filter grids, the dirt and debris get recirculate back to the pool.  As most people know, water always finds the path of the least resistance.  So that little hole becomes bigger and bigger until it isn’t filtering at all.  So if you feel like you are getting the same dirt and debris in the pool week after week, you know what the problem is and it is time to call your pool service professional.

If you need a filter clean, do it now, or very soon and save yourself a lot of swimming pool problems in the spring!

Team PCU