When do I get ready for the swimming pool season?

PCU POOLS is ready for the swimming Pool Season

Are you ready for the swimming pool season?

When do I get ready for the swimming pool season?

After the first of the year we in the swimming pool business wake up out of a well deserved slumber.  This is when we as pool service professionals begin our annual analysis of last year’s pool problems and begin to formulate a plan of attack for the spring and summer swimming seasons. We just had our first “green pool” call yesterday!

It seems that the new client covered and shut down their pool and forgot about it.  We went over to inspect the pool and treated the green water and algae with one of our proprietary formulas and expected to find a perfect pool the next day.  Much to our surprise, the pool was still green.  Upon further inspection we found that the dirt and green water were being recirculated back to the pool because there were holes in the filter elements.

According to the owner, this had been going on for over a year!

This is typical in our business.  A pool is a very expensive investment and not one to take lightly.  Letting a pool go for many months with defective equipment may save you money in the short run, but will cost you in the thousands in the long run.

Pool plaster stains, pits, scales, and etches based on pool water chemistry.  If you want to spend $4000 – $7500 on plaster, then give us a call; we will take care of you… no problem.

Cold water chemistry is just as important as warm water chemistry.  If you don’t watch it, then you are going to incur some serious plaster or acid wash expense.

This brings us back to our original question.

When do I get my pool ready for the swimming season?


Your swimming pool has been sitting there for four months without a single thought.  Summer was over, the kids are back in school, and the weather got cooler.

You need a pool man or pool service company to come out and start cleaning and maintaining your pool.  Your filter should be inspected and cleaned within the next 2 months.  Your PH and calcium levels should be taken care of, and your phosphates should be removed.  You really want all this to take place in January and February.  The filter clean can wait until March or April (residential)

The bottom line is that most pool owners wait far too long to whip their pool into shape and pay the price all summer long!

Remember: Earlier is better!